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Vehicle Assault Tools

Defense Optics Group can provide tactical officers, patrol officers and firefighters a fast controllable tool for window breaking with the Shieldspike line of tools. The line was designed by an active Arizona tactical officer who saw a need for quick entry into vehicles with deep tint windows that could possibly hide a perpetrator with a firearm. With the exploding trend of SUV's sporting deep tint, that need carries on here in Canada.



The Hammerspike is the main tool in the arsenal. Highlights of the Hammerspike include:


-Can be carried by hand

-Attached to a shield

-Or placed in a holster for quick access. 


  • This tool replaces heavier breaching tools requiring two hands to operate and never designed to effectively penetrate vehicle or structure glass.

  • The tool’s dimension and weight allow the operator to seamlessly integrate the use of a ballistic shield during breaching, thus promoting team efficiency.

  • The tool’s design is based off the principle of economy of motion. Small swinging motions will break the glass.

  • The breaking tip allows the operator to strike the window in any location to achieve a successful breach.

  • The operator’s hands are kept away from breaking glass preventing injury.

  • The HammerspikeTM can be mounted onto existing shields using a proprietary kydex mounting bracket or carried by itself as a first responder/emergency breaching tool.







Hammerspike XL

Hammerspike XL

The Hammerspike XL is the Break N Rake with the knife steel window breaking tip of Hammerspike but gives the operator 5 feet of standoff to keep out of harms way while using the teeth and dorsal fin to clear glass, curtains and shutters.


  • The Hammerspike XL was designed around intuitive hand placement and positioning utilizing a dual grip system to drive the tool.

  • The Hammerspike XL gives the operator five feet of standoff allowing the operator to safely off set their position in relation to the target window.

  • Aggressive ¼ inch steel raking teeth and the tool’s 90 degree bend allows for efficient window clearing. Double pane industrial glass has proven no match for the Hammerspike XL.

  • The same breaking tip technology was integrated into the Hammerspike XL. Strike the window with the breaking tip, in any location to produce a one hit positive breach.

  • A nasty steel dorsal fin/reverse hook was added to give the operator the ability to quickly remove interior shutters and blinds eliminating any visual obstructions.

  • Lightweight and durable stainless steel design. Weighing in at five pounds, it provides less burden on the breacher.



















Hammerspike XL Rake N' Break

POV Hammerspike

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