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As the Canadian distributor of Legacy Safety and Security products, it is incumbent upon us to supply the very best protection we can to the very best amongst us who run into the danger, not away.  We provide outstanding soft armor and hard plates, ideal for active shooter kits. 


Legacy Safety and Security FAST Helmet NIJ-IIIA 


This FAST style helmet is manufactured using the latest specification aramid fibre, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix. The process ensures a homogeneous, resilient structure ideally suited for ballistic applications.The edge is covered with a low profile neoprene rubber extrusion, which provides a forgiving and neat finish. 

The helmet is coated with an epoxy/polyurethane paint system. Standard colours are Black, Coyote, Olive Drab and DigitalCam. Other colours are available on request.


Protection Level

The FAST helmet is available with the following protection level:

V50 – 17 grain fragment 650m/s to STANAG 2920
Bullet resistant to NIJ-STD-0101.06 Level IIIA
.44 Magnum SJHP. 6 shot, min/max velocity 1435/1450 fps. BFD min/max 17.35/23.03mm.

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