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As the Canadian distributor of Legacy Safety and Security products, it is incumbent upon us to supply the very best protection we can to the very best amongst us who run into the danger, not away.  We provide outstanding soft armor and hard plates, ideal for active shooter kits. 

Security Company Armor

Defense Optics Group is the primary soft body armor supplier to many of Canada's largest domestic security companies. Outer vests in NIJ .06 Level II or IIIa. With all the required security markings in place, Velcro patches for company name and guard name/number.  Incredibly lightweight DuPont armor makes it comfortable for a long shift. Covert under vests are also available. 



Legacy Safety and Security FAST Helmet NIJ-IIIA 


This FAST style helmet is manufactured using the latest specification aramid fibre, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix. The process ensures a homogeneous, resilient structure ideally suited for ballistic applications.The edge is covered with a low profile neoprene rubber extrusion, which provides a forgiving and neat finish. 

The helmet is coated with an epoxy/polyurethane paint system. Standard colours are Black, Coyote, Olive Drab and DigitalCam. Other colours are available on request.


Protection Level

The FAST helmet is available with the following protection level:

V50 – 17 grain fragment 650m/s to STANAG 2920
Bullet resistant to NIJ-STD-0101.06 Level IIIA
.44 Magnum SJHP. 6 shot, min/max velocity 1435/1450 fps. BFD min/max 17.35/23.03mm.

Hard Armor Plates

Defense Optics Group carries the incredibly lightweight line of Legacy Safety and Security hard NIJ.06 Level III and IV rifle plates. 

NIJ. Level III Hard Plate

The super lightweight 3.2 lbs level III poly plate is buoyant, thin at 1" and tested with 6 rounds of M80 steel ball @ min/max velocity 2766/2800 fps with a min/max BFD @ 38.18/41.03mm. These plates far outperform any other poly plates we have ever shot while being lighter and thinner by a wide margin. 

NIJ. Level IV Hard Plate

At only 5.2 lbs, the Level IV is possibly the best protection you will ever wear while also being the lightest. If you are geared up and on your feet all day you will appreciate the lightweight performance.

Tested with 3 rounds of .30 cal M2AP @ min/max velocity 2886/2886 fps with a min/max BFD 36.18/39.43. These far surpass the NIJ standard.

Independent tests have consistently shot this level IV plate with 4 rounds of .30-06 with zero failures.

Let us outfit your team, force or as an individual with these outstanding high performance plates at a price that will keep the beancounters happy.


RBR North America's International’s widely adopted PAS-TAC helmet uses the Company’s unique processing techniques to provide enhanced shell protection, at lower weight, with improved comfort. 
It is a general-purpose helmet for the modern combat soldier. It utilises the excellent performance of aramid, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix. This is the key to achieving an excellent performance to weight ratio. The RBR N.A. PAS-TAC Helmet can be worn for extensive periods of time, even in adverse conditions, with superior comfort. 
It is a 2 size helmet and available in different ballistic protection levels. It is tough, durable and reliable and reflects state of the art design, materials and process technology.



The helmet has a smooth conformal shape with no protrusions, sharp contour changes or snagging hazards. It is of low bulk and mass. It can be coated with an IRR paint system.
The edge is covered with a low profile neoprene rubber extrusion, which provides a forgiving and neat finish.It incorporates sufficient adjustment to allow for gas masks and a large variety of head shapes and sizes. 



The helmet is coated with an epoxy/polyurethane paint system. Standard colours are Black and Olive Drab. Other colours are available on request.



Two basic helmet sizes are offered: Medium and Large. The helmet will fit the central 95% head sizes. The medium fits head sizes 54 to 59cm and the large from 57 to 64cm.


The average weights of the RBR N.A. PAS-TAC helmet are as follows:

Level F6
Size: Medium,1250

Large, 1350


Protection Level

The helmet is available with protection levels F6

Level F6:

V50 – 17 grain fragment 650m/s (2130ft)
Bullet resistant to NIJ0108.01 Level IIIA
9mm Remington FMJ 8.0g @ 426ms-1 min
.44 Magnum LSWC 15.5g @ 426ms-1 min
7.62mm Tokarev lead @ 426s

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