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           Pop Shield

Pop Shield is the new concept in protection. Quickly accessible, fast deploying and with a larger protection area than standard body protection, Pop Shield is the best way to keep instant protection close at hand. Some uses include: police on traffic stops, schools, hospital, sports arenas and public areas that may be subject to an active shooter situation.

No public safety professional should enter the workforce without the protection afforded by Pop Shield Armour.

  • Law Enforcement

  • Local Police

  • Firefighters

  • Paramedics

  • EMTs

  • Protection Professionals

Highlights of the Pop Shield Armour include:

  • More surface area protection than a bulletproof vest

  • More confidence; more time

  • No body wounds like worn vests

  • Use inside and outside of the vehicle

  • Can shield civilians with one hand

  • Built-in gun holster

  • Resists to rounds from 9mm, .357 and .44 mag weapons.

  • Mounts easily on walls, in vehicles, under desks, anywhere it can easily accessible.

  • NIJ-IIIA compliant


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