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Defense Optics Group is the only authorized distributor of Lamperd Less Lethal products in Canada. These 100% Canadian made less lethal solutions are the future for law enforcement. Once just used for riot and crowd control, less lethal solutions are now the order of the day for a wide variety of circumstances. 40mm and 37mm Launchers, crowd control spray tanks, interlocking shields and less lethal ammunition and are just a few of the products we can supply your force.

The most popular of these are 40 mm launchers/ammunition and 12 gauge shotgun ammunition. Both have the very distinct advantage of allowing you to use training rounds so that your teams may train effectively and qualify when necessary. It also gives you the ability to work force on force.


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L40-SL Single Shot 40mm Launcher

The L40-SL Single Shot 40mm Launcher, available from Defense Optics Group, is a fast load/unload versatile launcher capable of firing all 40mm rimmed ammunition. Engineered for long term use with little maintenance, this heavy duty launcher is

extremely accurate, especially when firing LLL rounds. It is outstanding for law enforcement, crowd control and corrections applications and can also be used with a 12 gauge adapter to give a wider range of ammunition and cut training costs.


LLL Defender I

The Defender I is a five shot, compact, lightweight hand held revolver delivering 20-Gauge incapacitating projectiles.

Whether it's for crowd control, airports, border crossing, security officers at Government agencies and Banks or even for day to day Police encounters, the Defender I offers superb solutions to deal with all conflicts where a less lethal outcome can be managed. The Defender I deploys distraction rounds, pepper rounds, scientific less lethal rounds, training and blast rounds.
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LLL 40mm Impact Round

The Lamperd Less Lethal 40mm Impact round flies straight for a very predictable, repeatable nose-first impact. Even though this 40MM Lamperd synthetic projectile was fired at a close range of 30 ft. the imprint in the ballistic clay target shows a completely even disbursement of energy and the lack of penetration, making this a safer less lethal product.

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