Defense Optics Group will be adding Uzkon Arms shotguns to this section shortly and we will add items as we bring things online. Many of our firearms items will be for overseas use and will ship directly from our manufacturing facility.










18" barrel DMR. Elite GRX-15 Semi-Auto Rifle

  • Raised cheek stock for proper sight picture on scope (not included but optional).

  • 15.5" shaved side hand guard with pic rail top, bottom and 3" side ends.

  •  $1,100.00 CAD plus actual shipping.

  • Must have restricted PAL.

  • Bipod not included.

Mossberg 590a1 

  • with SJ Hardware jumbo safety, no-jam follower and spring.

  • 20" barrel (cylinder bore)

  • 6 shot side rail. 

  • $650.00 CND + shipping.

  • Non-restricted, must show valid PAL.

  • Flashlight and mount optional.

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