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                                          SHOT SHOW 2020

I was going to start with SHOT Show was a blast but that was a bit to obvious. For those that don’t know, SHOT Show is North America’s largest event for professionals in the sport shooting, hunting, outdoor industry and law enforcement equipment, held annually in Las Vegas. What SHOT Show really is, is walking and lots of it. There is a lot of ground to cover and you eventually learn to shut out the equipment you don’t require and focus on what you are looking for or you won’t ever get off the first floor. Twelve or thirteen years ago, going to Las Vegas for a show was a relatively inexpensive deal, no more, the days of cheap hotels and food during large trade shows have long passed. This means we must go down with many meetings already set, having poured through the very long list of exhibitors to find the suppliers that we really want to see and make sure we can come back with the products that our clients require. Every year before we head for the show, we consult with a long list of our clients to see what their current equipment requirements are, and what the latest new “thing” they need is so we can endeavour to fill that need.

Now and again we find something brand new that we were neither looking for nor knew existed, this year was no exception. We’ll have news on it very shortly once things are finalized but we are actually excited about it.

This year we also came back with Canadian distributorships for a few great products. One is PopShield, a rapid deployment NIJ level IIIA shield that folds up, is light and great for all kinds of situations. What a great find! While waiting to meet with the manufacturer, we were speaking with an active LAPD officer who was expressing how much they loved the PopShield and were in the process of purchasing several more for the force. Seemed like a pretty good unsolicited endorsement to me!

Stinger Tools is another. Glass breaks, personal protection devices and a fun but very usable item we’ll uncover shortly. Let me just say that shooters will say “I want that!”.

Onyx Armor will be our NIJ certified brand of armor vests and riot gear, it will be a great accompaniment to our NIJ compliant Security vests. We’ve already brought in several custom vests for a Canadian Fire/EMS Dept and are in the process of ordering more.

There was far too much to cover here without writing a book, so we’ll leave it at that for now and report further shortly.

Thanks for stopping by and now I’m going to go rest my feet!

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